Nicola Tartaglione (Marcianise, 1952), after high studies in Bologna and Caserta, takes his degree in the University of Naples. During his studies, meet the architect Fabio Pignatelli della Leonessa that shows him the beauty of Naples and Roman aristicracy buildings, and love with him classic music and historics gardens, now fondamental pieces of his profession. Living in Rome and working with the architect Biagio Accolti Gil meet the interior design world. Younger signs with Accolti Gil the volumes “I soffitti della fantasia” (De Luca editory 1979) and then “Paris Vestibules de l’Ecletisme” (Vilo-Paris 1982). This last book  tesch him the beauty of parisians elegances. Then he comes back in Italy and open two studies one in Caserta and the other in Naples. Gardens are an important point on his professional way: in 1999 he founds the GIA.D.A. associations (Gardens and Hoises of harmony) to valorize the cult of historyc houses and old gardens. In 2004, he publishes "Gardens of Harmony" (Paparo editory, Napoli). Actually is a delegate of ADSI (Association Italian Historic Houses) in Caserta and his province. From his house/study works using professional help.